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I am delighted to have you onboard! My name is Sparsh, and I am on a mission to democratize angel investing for everyone and be a gateway to the Indian startup ecosystem for the rest of the world. Thank you for being a part of my mission!

Today you did something special. You took the first step towards empowering creators to build great things, make money, give back to India (if that's home for you), or just book a first-class ticket to the rocketship that India's startup ecosystem 🇮🇳 will be in the coming decade!

I have 3 promises for you:

Think of me as your own personal Indiana Jones, but instead of dusty old ruins, I'm exploring (read learning) the world of angel investing. I'll do the heavy lifting to bring you the latest on emerging technologies and companies in India so that you don't have to!

  1. If you are curious about tech and investing - I will find and share easily consumable knowledge to convert your (and my!) curiosity into expertise.

  2. If you are an investor - I will be your gateway to new startups and tech innovation in India, your personal BS detector to get you what's real and great, and your concierge to get you in touch with the leaders in India!

  3. If you are a startup/business owner - I'll be your access to advisors, experts, and potential investors.

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