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Today’s edition will dive into the thrilling world of startup competitions, where we will explore how these contests can transform budding entrepreneurs into industry leaders and how you can be a part of it, too! 🏆️ 

I’m also excited to introduce a new section: Startup Emoji Dictionary! 

We will decode startup terms with a fun twist and universally understood emojis.

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Compete, Conquer and Thrive! 💪 

Have you ever imagined the Olympics but for startups?

Something similar exists worldwide, known as startup competitions, where aspiring startup founders get a platform to pitch their products/services and get rewarded for their most compelling new ideas or business plans with cash and many other prices. 🎖️

❓️Let’s start with the big question that might arise after reading this:

What awaits you on the other side?

🧭Let’s discover the enticing advantages that await you in this competition!

  • 🔦Visibility - Get ready for the spotlight! These contests generate media buzz, so you’ll still enjoy valuable exposure even if you don’t win. 📸 

  • 🖧 Networking - Rub shoulders with innovators, investors, and industry experts to expand your professional network, opening doors to potential partnerships and collaboration. 🤝 

  • ✍️Feedback - Polish your pitch! Receive constructive feedback from judges and mentors, which will help refine your business idea skills for the future! 💡 

  • 🎁Prizes- And, of course, you can score big! Win cash prizes, mentorship opportunities and plenty of other valuable resources to fuel the growth of your venture 💰️ 

🎉Competition Lineup Unvield!

Let’s dive into the exciting lineup of competitions waiting for you on this entrepreneurial journey! 🌟

Mercom India ♻️ 

The Cleantech Startup Pitch Competition by Mercom India invites innovative companies to showcase their solutions related to the renewable energy sector.

Have you got a groundbreaking cleantech idea? 🌱 This is your chance to shine ✨ 

Here’s everything you need to know:

Event Highlights⚡️ 
  • 🤔 What: Mercom India Startup Pitch Competition

  • 🕰️ When: July 25-26, 2024

  • 🏢 Where: Mercom India Renewables Summit, New Delhi

What’s in it for you? 🫵 
  • A chance to present your ideas to top renewable energy industry tycoons. 🧑‍💼 

  • Growing your brand profile with potential investors, customers and partners. 📈 

  • Access to all sessions at the Mercom India Renewables Summit 2024. 🧑‍🏫 

Eligibility Criteria 📝 
  • Must own a product or innovation that contributes to clean energy

  • The company should be less than 7 years old

  • No previous sponsorship of Mercom India Summit

  • Raised less than $10 million (1 Crore) in capital

  • The product should be in the pre-commercialization phase

  • Based in India

Important Dates 🗓️ 
  • Application Deadline: June 15, 2024 (P.S.: Applications are open till then... go grab the opportunity! 🚀)

  • Notification of Selection: July 5, 2024 📅 

Startup World Cup 🏆️ 

Ready to compete on the global stage? 🌍 The Startup World Cup, powered by Pegasus Tech Ventures, is the largest global startup conference and pitch competition. 💻️ 

With 70+ cities sending their champion teams to the San Francisco Grand Finale, this is your chance to shine and compete for a $1,000,000 investment prize! 💰

Here’s the scoop 🍨:

Event Highlights⚡️ 
  • 🤔 What: Startup World Cup Grand Finale

  • 🏢 Where: Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, California, USA

  • ❓️Why: Compete for a $1,000,000 investment, network with top industry players, and gain global exposure

What’s in it for you?🫵 
  • 2,000+ attendees from around the world 🗺️ 

  • Previous judges include Apple’s Steve Wozniak and Netflix’s Marc Randolph 🍎 

  • Healthcare, AI, robotics, transportation, fintech, IoT, AR, agriculture, and more industries! 🤖 

Eligibility Criteria📝 
  • It must be a legal, registered entity (not just an idea or individual project).

  • Applications are accepted globally; apply to the closest regional competition.

  • No restrictions on the amount of capital raised.

  • No application fee; some regionals offer optional exhibition booths for purchase.

Important Information!!

While this year’s applications have unfortunately closed for regionals in Delhi and other places, many regionals are still open, such as the Silicon Valley regionals. Apply fast before it ends! 🌐 

Are you feeling inspired and ready for more? There are tons of other startup competitions out there! Let me know if you’re up for diving into more opportunities. 📬️ 

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Ever get lost in all the startup jargon? No worries, we’ve covered you with our brand-new section: The Startup Emoji Dictionary! 🎉

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned founder, this will make navigating the startup world a lot more fun. 🧂 

Stay tuned, and get ready to decode the lingo with a smile! 😄🚀

  1. Explosive Growth 🌋📈

Rapid and significant increase in a startup's revenue or user base.

  1. Burn Rate 🔥💵

The rate at which a startup uses up its capital to cover expenses before generating positive cash flow.

  1. Pitch Deck 🎤🃏 

A presentation slide deck used by startup founders to pitch their business ideas to investors.

  1. Unicorn 🦄📈

A startup company valued at over $1 billion, typically in the technology industry.

Got more startup jargon you’re curious about? Let us know, and we’ll add them to the dictionary! 🤔 📖 

Also, feel free to mix and match emojis to create fun interpretations of startup terms! ⚗️ 

Together, we’ll make decoding startup jargon a delightful adventure! 🚀✨

It has been a pleasure learning with you! I will see you again next week. Until then,

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