Monopoly beyond the board game

Hey there!
If you were wondering why I vanished from your inbox for two weeks, here are your options:

1. I attempted skydiving but left the parachute behind

2. Went singing at a karaoke bar and people threw their chairs at me

3. I faked my own death to see what people say after I go

While all of these are crazy and exciting reasons to dissapear, mine was much simpler. I had to leave my apartment of almost 5 years to move to a new place at a short notice.

It was a rollercoaster but I am so glad to be talking to you again, friend.

Me and my roommate, Matt. Exhausted after a long day of moving our stuff.

🤼 India’s PhonePe is jumping into the boxing rink with Google

India’s payment giant PhonePe is boldly going head-on against Google by creating its own app store to rival Google Play. The move follows backlash from Indian developers over Google's in-app purchase policy that eats up 30% of the in-app earnings.

PhonePe’s ready to send a shockwave across the tech industry.

  • The app store will be supported in 12 languages and offer hyper-localized services based on customer context.

  • More localized, not just from a language perspective but also from a discovery and consumer interest perspective.

This may end up being a powerful global phenomenon with the app store dominance of Google and perhaps Apple coming to a crumbling end and the power going back into the hands of developers.

New app store = new apps = new investment opportunities

Board Game to Real Life: Monopoly's hidden lessons 🚀

Me and my childhood friend, Divyansh, used to play Monopoly for hours during our summer break as a kid. It was our way of living the entrepreneurial life vicariously through the game.

Divyansh’s favorite piece to play with was the iconic battleship 🚢 while I used to play with the boot 🥾. In retrospect, I have always liked a good underdog story, and fighting the battleship with a boot felt like one.

Pass “Go”: Collect $200, and lose all your money.

If we just wait to collect $200 once every round when we pass “Go” and end up paying rent, fines, and bills - we will inadvertently lose all our money to the player with more assets on the board.

That $200 at Go, that’s our salary

The most surefire way to lose this game is to not build any assets and keep collecting the $200 once in a while, that you lose until you get bankrupt. In the game, bankruptcy is of money. In life, you can be bankrupt of both your money but more importantly, your time.

Elements of Investing Mindset

Patience and persistence

  • Monopoly can be a long game, requiring patience and perseverance. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to face challenges, setbacks, and delays while staying committed to their goals.


  • Owning properties in different parts of the board reduces the risk of bankruptcy. Similarly, entrepreneurs should diversify their investments, products, and services to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Knowing when to quit

  • In Monopoly, sometimes it's better to cut your losses and sell off properties to avoid bankruptcy. Similarly, entrepreneurs should recognize when a venture is not working and pivot to a new direction or cut their losses.

Networking and collaboration

  • In Monopoly, forming alliances and negotiating with other players can lead to more favorable outcomes. In life, building strong personal and professional relationships can open doors to new opportunities and resources.

Balance and enjoyment

  • While Monopoly is a competitive game, it is also meant to be enjoyed. In life, striking a balance between pursuing financial success and enjoying the journey is crucial to overall happiness and well-being.

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Been a pleasure learning with you! Will see you again next week. Until then,

Stay motivated! Stay strong! Cheers!

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