Jack on the Rocks? 🥃

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Last week was a “heavy” read! An intense analysis comparing the Indian startup ecosystem and the Dot-Com bubble, the similarities and differences and trying to predict the future.

Last week, I also took a vacation for a reunion with my closest college friends to Nashville! So, in the spirit of that - I want to take a small detour, lighten up this week’s post, and share a bit more about me.

We will continue Part#2 of the Monsoon vs Moonshot series next week! It further dives into specific examples of failed and successful companies from dot-com era, their business models and compares them to the new companies sprouting out of India today.

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🎸 Reunion with my college friends

I graduated in 2018, and since then, we have met as a group at least once a year. This was mostly driven by everyone getting married and their bachelor parties. This was the first time we met without any major event! So it’s an amazing milestone for our friendship - where everyone made meeting each other a priority! True wealth starts with beautiful relationships!

Well, let me use my trip to Nashville as an excuse to tell you more about me.

  • Grew up in Delhi, India 🇮🇳 🪔

  • Came to the US to get my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Penn State University in 2013 🎓🧠 (Travelling 8,000 miles alone at the age of 17 to a different world was also the first time I ever sat on a plane!)

  • Spent 18 months working for 4 different companies in 4 different countries as an intern during my time in college. 👨‍💻📱

  • My last internship was at Shopify in Canada, where I was a software developer and ran my own e-commerce business. Fun fact: I met Prince Charles (I guess, now King Charles) and Richard Branson during my time here. 👑

  • Graduated in 2018 and have been working at Microsoft since then. 📎

  • Penn State became home, and these friends became family! 💛

Grateful to have these people in my life. I am the one wearing green.

🥃 Jack on the Rocks?

Nashville was all about live music, fried chicken, and, let’s be honest - alcohol. But, my trip to Jack Daniel's distillery surprisingly had some interesting entrepreneurial lessons.

If nothing works, the trial and error method is totally ok to find a solution.

  • Turns out you need iron-free water to get good whiskey. Huh! Who knew? They kept testing different water sources until they found a naturally occurring spring perfect for making whiskey.

Invest in a strong moat.

  • This spring water I was talking about in my previous point? - they bought the land it is on. Every bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey uses this spring water to date.

Perseverance pays.

  • Due to prohibition laws, the distillery had to move to various states, stop functioning completely for many years, and face massive fires. Yet, they persisted. So, this is one of the million examples you can find that re-enforces the importance of persistence.

Important to note: Jack Daniel came from a place of unjust privilege because this was the pre-civil war era, slavery existed, and a lot of exploitation. So, this is in no-way rags to riches or an underdog story.

I am sure there are a lot of other great examples of the same lessons I mentioned above. But - I figured there’s no harm in picking something to learn during my tour of this distillery. So, this is just a tourist’s account of a tour. Take it with a grain of salt!

- Sparsh

Picture of me and my friends with “Jack on the Rocks”. Get it?

You know more about me now but I still don’t know much about you! Can you reply with just a 👍️ to tell me you are liking the posts so far?

Stay motivated! Stay strong! Cheers!

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