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A flute reminds me of India; music weaves the world together. That’s the goal - to bridge the gap between the Indian and US startup ecosystems.

Hey there!

We have rapidly grown in the past few months, and if you have recently joined - this will be the first time we will have a friendly chat. I just wanted to jump in and introduce myself!

Putting a face to my name.

I am confident that India will dominate in the coming decades, so last year, I decided to learn angel investing to contribute to its growth and make profitable investments.

In doing so, I realized that many of my peers here in the US want to make small investments in startups, but they don’t know how to do it, what to look for, or how to find opportunities. Because dollars can go a long way in India, small investments can get US investors higher equity, and India's founders can access experts around the globe.

The story doesn’t end here—people in India also want to invest in cutting-edge tech and new founders, but there is no opportunity for them to start.

Hence - Rustic Flute was born!

🏔️ Here’s a bit about me…

Graduation @Penn State University

  • I completed my Computer Engineering degree at Pennsylvania State University 🎓 and graduated in 2018. 🎉

  • I have worked as a software engineer in multiple companies 💻, the last being Shopify 🛒, and have had small stints at being a founder. 🚀

  • Currently, I work at Microsoft as a Product Manager. 🏢💼

📚 What other stuff do I follow?

The whole game of angel investing comes down to knowing more than others so you can “see” more than others. As a newsletter creator, I can’t help but follow other newsletters. Here are a few of my favorite ones as of now:

There’s always more to share, but these are the ones that crossed my mind.

🕵🏽 What about you?

Here’s the thing, my friend - I really need to know you better!

Things like your industry/profession, company, location, investment goals, etc., are critically important for me to:

  1. Give you the right content.

  2. Introduce you to the right people via a Slack/WhatsApp community that I will start.

  3. Bring you startups to invest in.

So, can you please fill out the survey below? It’ll mean a lot!

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Hopefully, you don’t mind…

Quick question - We are still very small, and every time you check out our sponsor’s page, it helps us tremendously. I try to partner only with relevant brands that can interest you, but I do not want to hinder your experience. I hope you don’t mind these? Feel free to reply and let me know!

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